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Not Much Harvey Aftermath

Luckily Mancaves survived Hurricane Harvey and the lingering aftermath without a single incident.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many others living in and around the Greater Houston Area and our hearts go out to these people.

Thankfully our property and the tenants were spared any devastation and we remain high and dry (so to speak) as we continue expand our facilities.

Currently we have four more LARGE units (13 x 45 x 16) in production and the final work on these should be completed by the end of the year.

It cannot come any quicker for us because historically we run at 100% capacity and that is great news!

We are able to maintain this level of occupancy because of we treat our tenants with the highest level of respect and courtesy.

In turn we have tenants who continue to utilize our storage facilities year after year with some going on 8+ years...SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

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